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I had a lot of speaking and singing students (especially in the past) with quite severe lisps and some stuttering. It is a known fact that when the stuttering person begins to sing, the stuttering disappears. But the objective here is to reduce that stuttering not just during singing, but also while speaking on an everyday basis. Similarly, when the person lisps and pronounces “F” instead of “S” (for example, “Fnow” instead of “Snow”).

Over the years, by osmosis, I discovered that the Vocal Science Technique eliminated that lisp practically on the root, as by “biting above the air”, it produces sound which puts the voice in complete balance when it enters the facial cavities, provided that the lift to those cavities is supported by the abdominal muscles. The enunciation and pronunciation becomes crystal clear due to all the vowels and consonants getting placed in the right set of muscles.
So when the support, structure, placement and projection of the voice is accomplished, the lisp is definitely not going to be present and even the stuttering will become much lighter and may also even disappear altogether.
Those people who possess those aforementioned voice disorders, most of the time, are also emotionally very fragile. A lot of them had been teased and even bullied during their school years which made them more silent then they should have been. Needless to say, those people are very insecure and lack a lot of confidence. They think very low about themselves, and due to that factor, their personal and business relationships are greatly effected. They try to find jobs which do not require any speaking. They are shy and timid and their confidence is often just nonexistent.
So, in those cases, my work is definitely cut out for me. As not only I need to fix their voice, I need to work on them as a whole, carefully catering to their emotions and insecurities. The overall work that needs to be done is definitely holistic. Nevertheless, these people are experiencing an inconsistency between what they want to say and feel and what comes out of their mouths. Needless to say, it is extremely frustrating to the person in question.
So if any of you suffer from anything that I had described above, please be advised that we can help you a great deal to become the best you can be and regain your self-esteem, self worth and your confidence overall, which by itself (would be right to make a statement), is priceless!

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Lately, more and more, we are getting phone calls and e-mails from people who have been suffering from various voice disorders, and moreover, suffering for many years!


Needless to say, that with time, (10, 20 or even 30 years later) for some reason, their voices did not get cured or even properly treated for that matter; and nevertheless, their voices did not sound any better then at the beginning of their voice/vocal ordeal; rather, in majority of cases, much worse.

In fact, many of them claimed that the quality of their voices became more compromised from the time when their voice issues had originally began.

So the question then is… Why these people, suffering for numerous years, never put a handle on their voice disorder?

I think the answer is that there is not much help available with respect to nonsurgical voice repair, which actually (in most cases) will produce tangible results.

The other reason is that people are absolutely unaware of what’s happening to them and why; not withholding the fact that they are actually even more so unaware how to deal with their voice problems at all!

For example: All of them (regular speaking people and singers, nevertheless) think that there is a problem with their voice when, in reality, the problem is with the application of their voice.

Especially at the beginning of their voice issues, they go to numerous appointments with ENT specialists and speech therapists.

The ENT specialist, at best, could diagnose their disorder, but very rarely, they would offer any constructive course of action with respect of restoration of one’s voice and bringing it back to its normal state.

Of course, if there is an obvious growth on, let’s say the vocal cords, they would be more then happy to operate to remove the growth.

In a vast majority of the latter, those nasty nodules and polyps could be dissolved via special speech and/or singing exercises, which will possess the proper application and proper structure of the sound and which (in turn) will take the voice away from the effected area; and thus, release that effected area from the pressure of the sound and allow the vocal anatomy to heal (giving it a rest) while concurrently receiving the application of the natural herbs and homeopathic remedies for the complete healing of the throat flora.

As we all know, any surgery could produce unforeseen complications such as: scar tissue, sulcus vocalis (enlarged gap between the vocal cords) and even vocal paresis.

Sounds scary… doesn’t it?

But it could be even scarier when the time is lost for surgical interference to take place.

So, as I said in my numerous blogs and publications previously; DO NOT GIVE UP SEARCHING, especially for non-surgical solutions for your vocal problems.

Although, if it is not possible and the vocal surgery is required, please find a qualified surgeon who has a good reputation and a good record dealing with vocal disorders like yours.

However, don’t get fooled if the operation is successful and your voice sounds that much better after it was performed.

Please remember that your, so to speak “instrument” had been fixed, but you, as the “player”, did not learn anything new with respect of the different application of your voice, so that your vocal problem would not reoccur ever again.

With that said, you still need to look for a qualified voice specialist who would teach you how to use your voice correctly, i.e., without any pain or strain on your vocal anatomy and how with the minimum effort, to be able to produce maximum desirable results.

Please also remember that the voice cannot be fixed on its own.

And the more time passes with respect to your voice remaining to be untreated, the more possibilities there will be for your voice never to be recovered, which (no doubts) could, God forbid, lead to a permanent voice loss!

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The answer is… if (God forbid) you were involved in a car accident and the body of your car got damaged, you would probably need to go to a body shop…. wouldn’t you?

However, on the other hand, if your engine or transmission were acting up, then you definitely would want to check with a qualified mechanic who, nevertheless, specializes in “car mechanics arts” in a manner of speaking.

One of my prospective clients had been diagnosed with two (nevertheless) voice disorders, which are clearly of a mechanical nature, as one of them is Muscle Tension Dysphonia and the other is named Sulcus Vocalis (unhealthy gap between the vocal cords).

Both of those voice issues are caused by a misuse of the voice i.e., by straining the vocal cords and pushing/pulling the voice out onto the surface; and instead, by default, placing it right into the neck muscles.

Needless to say, during those actions, Muscle Tension Dysphonia had been initiated.

Meanwhile, the strained vocal cords also got tired of being pushed and pulled constantly; and thus, they had been no longer able to ‘snap back together’ and close properly (The Sulcus Vocalis disorder then had taken place and the gap between the vocal cords had been created).

On this note, my prospective client started looking for alternative treatments; one of which happened to be acupuncture. In fact, by the looks of things, the session was performed by a very good and experienced acupuncturist.

My prospective client was very excited, as according to her, right after that, it was much easier for her to speak to her husband and her sun. On this premise, she right away decided that this was the answer to her prayers; and by doing this acupuncture work, her (nevertheless) two mechanical problems, will be fixed…?

In other words, like we said before, if it was about her car with broken parts under the hood, she would go to a body shop and wash, wax and polish that car in hopes that the engine (or whichever other essential parts under the hood) would miraculously be fixed.

Does the above sound realistic to you…my readers?

My answer would be that it is highly illogical, as if any problem of a mechanical nature occurred; the bodywork instead would not help to fix it.

Let’s (for example) take an athlete who, during a marathon, broke his leg.

Yes, indeed, he/she could attend all kinds of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and etc…

Yes, all of those treatments could ease off the pain and speed up the healing.

But would they be able to assist with putting all the bones, tendons and ligaments together so that the runner could start running again without any surgery, cast or crutches?

My answer would be…very unlikely! In other words, with the help of alternative treatments, the healing probably will also be enhanced, but in no shape or form, it would substitute the mechanical repair of the injured limb…

Similarly, in the case of my prospective client, the acupuncture actually helped to send the energy to the vocal box ‘chakra’; and therefore, the aforementioned person felt an exuberant energy directed to her vocal anatomy; and thus she felt (momentarily) the relief with respect of the use of her voice. Therefore the occurrence of such result is quite understandable and logical.

Would that solve the voice problem in the long run?

The answer is… NOT ON ITS OWN, but it could be a great help to the actual voice mechanics repair!

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More and more, I am getting the phone calls and e-mails about the voice problems from speakers and singers.

Almost all of them are prescribed the medication to conquer their acid reflux (not in every case it is even present), but the doctors do it just in case…?

And almost all of the doctors prescribed a vocal rest.

Vocal rest – how useful could it be?

In fact, in the majority of cases, it is, as after all, if you break your leg, you should not be hopping on it and running marathons.

However, the patient with the broken leg at least is offered a cast, or corrective surgery and then the cast.

The ENT doctors evidently think that if the person would stop singing, or even speaking, the problems will correct themselves.

And granted, sometimes, since the pressure from the vocal box is removed, due to the extensive, so called “vocal rest”, the symptoms seem to be not as pronounced, at least at the beginning of the vocal journey after the vocal rest.

But there is no doubts that all of those symptoms will come back and very soon and in a full bloom.

So, after the same problem persists, what are you going to do? To take another vocal rest for 2-3 months before the next show?

On this note, I don’t think you will prosper your career fast enough, definitely not before you turn 70.

However, by that time, somebody probably will organize a vocal idol for senior citizens (lol).

You never know…!

On a serious note, the vocal rest was only an illusion that all the problems are conquered now.

In a real sense, no alterations of anything have been done.

The application of the voice never has been changed.

Nothing has been treated, neither non-surgically, nor surgically or otherwise.

It’s only as a matter of time before there will be a deja vu.

All of the false hopes will fail and the person involved will unfortunately have to “face the music”, so to speak.

I am a person of action.

If something is wrong or broken, let’s fix it.

Have a check with reality.

If it’s broken, it’s not going to get fixed by itself, as there is no real change without change.

Please address the cause and attend to it, rather than allowing the doctors to feed you with wishful thinking that the problems will correct themselves and will go away at the snap of the fingers or – for that matter – the vocal rest…

Go figure!

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“We are the champions my friend”. Freddie Mercury of the band “Queen” once sung.

Where does it begin, for example, to become an Olympic champion in figure skating?

It begins from the moment when the parents take their five or six year old to the skating ring.

And then they notice that the child really likes to glide and is not afraid to fall.

Next step they make, they search for a reputable figure skating club, and then, they bring their offspring and hand him or her to the capable hands of experienced trainer.

Then it takes eight to ten years of very hard work for the skater, his/her multiple trainers, his/her parents and finally, a quite substantial amount of money to bring the skater first to the nationals, then to the world championship and then finally, to the Olympic games.

For those who remember Tara Lipinski, would remember that she has won the Olympic title at the age of 14.

It is a known fact that her and her mother actually had to separate from her father and move to another city to train with the coach who was in charge of the Olympic team, ie, of those who had the potential to become Olympic champions.

That formula applies practically for every competitive field.

But, evidently, for some reason, does not apply to the Artists.

When they approach me from other cities, countries, continents, for some reason, they think they could become professional singers or repair their voices to resume their interrupted by inadequate singing careers, via communicating with me either by phone, by Skype or by magic DVD or pill..?

They don’t realize that to power the voice and project it in its aimed destination, takes an integration and synergy between the mental, physical and vocal state.

From my part, it takes a special skill to connect to the artist’s anatomy and physiology, almost by an umbilical cord and through the application of my own anatomy and physiology, and by application of enormous amount of energy of my own.

Then, and only then, I am able to discover and uncover a true spirit/voice from the Artist and shape it in “Olympic” quality product, as now the Artist will sound unique and distinct, not to mention, will sound in accordance with the standards of the professional singing.

Now we have a vocal product, and now, the rest of the “movers and shakers” have to take over.

I know of a person in the UK whose assignment is exactly that.

He puts around the Artists the successful teams.

In fact, he is the one who discovered and made Adele   the six Grammy recipient.

Unfortunately, Adele has experienced some serious vocal problems five months prior to that.

That suggests that one of the components  of the successful team was not met.

This is the riddle for my readers…

Which component do you think Adele has been missing, if any?

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