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In this blog, in the wake of the New Year, we would like to shed more light on our very exclusive services for speakers, singers and those who are in need of non-surgical voice repair.

On February the 15th, we will be celebrating 33 years of our existence via The Royans Professional Vocal School and The Royans Institute forNon-Surgical Voice Repair.

Over these years, we have been improving not only our professional skills, but also our business acumen and conduct. Not only do we provide our clients with very professional and very unique (in its nature) instruction, we also provide, when needed, natural herbal and homeopathic treatment along with it. By now, it is a very well known fact that we are in a league of our own.

We are receiving clients from all over the Universe and, by the end of 2016, the estimated amount of clients (speakers, singers, voice repair patients combined) has, no doubt, exceeded 20,000!  We have been receiving people from all walks of life; all races, all creeds and all professions. Not only have we provided what they were looking for (professional, or not, speaking and singing); and in addition, we have treated and even cured all kinds of voice/vocal disorders, where doctors had just ”washed their hands” or, at best, had offered an invasive vocal surgery.

Now, when Ms. Yampolsky became a freelance practitioner, she is also traveling around the world and servicing those in need. She advocates a very exclusive technique, which is called the Vocal Science™.

Especially when people travel to her, she goes out of her way to make sure that her client(s) are comfortably accommodated, fed (primarily by her) and for those who drive on the left side of the road or would not feel comfortable enough to drive in an unknown city, she picks them up personally for arrival to the session and departure from the session.

If time permits, she does go out of her way to show her client(s) some Toronto attractions or (what’s more important) she personally drives them (if needed) to meet her handpicked associates who, on occasion, might add even more value to Diana’s services. Some voice repair cases are more difficult then others; and sometimes it is good (in addition) to get somebody else’s expertise.

Our New Year’s Resolution is such that we will be committed to improve (as much as we possibly can), our patients’ vocal health and health in general.

Our commitment (as it also had been) is to produce more singing stars, as well as to help the existing celebrity performers to acquire a Vocal Science™ technique, so that they would not have to face a vocal operation, and then (in many known cases) face the consequences of (suggested to them) Vocal Surgeries.

With respect of our “Total Communicator Program” for professional (and non-professional) speaking, we too are committed to improve upon it and will be delighted to here more and more of our clients’ healthy voices over TV, Radio and other media sources.

On this note, we would like to wish our very best to our existing clients/students, as well as to those who we haven’t met yet, but would be delighted to also provide them with all we’ve got in our arsenal…

Happy New Year to all and many, many more successful years to come, vocally and otherwise!


The Management & Communications Team
The Royans Professional Vocal School &
The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair


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We listen…

We care…

We are here to serve you with respect,integrity, and attention to the minutest details concerning your voice problems.

If you think that you have a problem with your voice, we will be able to help.

We have been specializing in non-surgical voice repair for nearly 30 years.

If you have been scheduled for a vocal operation before you have contacted us, please consult with us first, as we might be able to save you from the surgical intervention, which, by it self, could be pretty dangerous. It could possibly leave scar tissue on the vocal cords; and thus, will deprive (especially singers) from pursuing their careers any longer.

Also, to go under the knife or laser will not solve your voice/vocal issues. In the best-case scenario, your vocal cords will be somewhat fixed, but the application and conduct of your voice will remain to be the same. With that said, your original vocal issue (especially growths on the vocal cords; such as polyps, nodules, cysts or papilloma) may return multiple times.

Clearly, there is no change without change!

In fact, the described-above case is related to Julie Andrews, who, after vocal surgery, ended up with scar tissue on one of her vocal cords; and thus, was never able to resume her singing career, not to mention that, for quite some time, she had a problem even with her speaking voice.

The comedian, Joan Rivers, went to a well-known clinic in New York appointing a top ENT surgeon to laser the polyp on her vocal cord. Unfortunately, she never woke up after that surgery.

Therefore, in my opinion, anybody should treat the possibility of surgical interference as a last resort. I am sure that everybody knows that when you go for help to a medical professional, you are just a “case number”. Unfortunately, a good majority of them are mostly “billing”, instead of “healing”.

It is a different story when you go to a private, alternative health practitioner.  They are usually much more attentive to you and your problem.

They obtain all of your history from the beginning of your problem(s) occurrence, trying to find the cause rather then focus on the symptoms opposed to medical doctors.

The medical doctors are very big on trying to mask symptoms, giving useless prescriptions and are very keen on performing surgeries (vocal surgeries included).

The alternative practitioner is looking into the root of the problem, and once discovered, he/she outlines the best course of action that is best applicable to the specific problem.

All of those problems (vocal included) are best solved with the herbal and homeopathic means. However, with respect to voice problems, that alone is not enough. The sufferer in question has to be taught a proper voice/vocal technique for those natural remedies to work to its fullest capacity.

Unless the vocal box is released from the pressure of the sound, the natural remedies will be practically obsolete.

We, at The Royans Institute, combine our unique Vocal Science ™ method with the great knowledge of specific herbal and homeopathic remedies, which greatly aid to one’s voice healing.

We discover, we uncover, we fix and design a new technical pattern for the human voice to work in its fullest capacity and with no pain or strain to the vocal anatomy.

We are vocal architects – and our mission is to build and (if needed) rebuild your voice by design and expertise.

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More and more people are inquiring about the difficulty of using their voice, as per normal. There are different factors taking place to prevent people from communicating efficiently and with no difficulty, using their speaking voice.

When the voice, sometimes due to a lot of very loud and excessive talking, drops down to its very low position, it begins to sound hoarse and raspy and very low in volume.

The person who experiences the above described symptoms is trying to push and pull that voice to the surface and, of course, the more they try, the less results they get.

Sometime ago, my voice repair client from Boston who used to play in the Blue Grass band, (before her vocal injury) told me:

“Diana, I pushed and pushed my voice, trying to bring it to a normal volume and get rid of the hoarseness, and last August, I knew that I have pushed it for the last time”.

By pushing and pulling her voice, not only did she lose her volume almost completely, she also acquired a nodule on one of her vocal cords.

Now we have had a double whammy.

We had to recover the voice from the “deep swamp” and we had to dissolve the nodule by releasing the vocal box from the pressure of the sound and nurturing her vocal anatomy with natural herbs and remedies.

When she finally arrived to my studio, her both (speaking and singing voice), were almost completely shattered.

By working on her speech, I was able to recover her voice from “the deep end”, so to speak, and once her speaking voice started to sound normal, as a side effect, I had finally taught her how to sing professionally and with no pain or strain on her vocal anatomy.

I have to say that it is still easier to work with the vocally injured singers than with the regular people with just speech problems.

Every singer intuitively knows and feels that their voice is a very sensitive commodity and could seize on them at any given time; where’s regular people with acquired speech problems are, quite often, taken by surprise.

They are talking a lot, they are talking loud, they are screaming at their children’s’ baseball games, the talk on the phone all day, either at work and/or with friends at home, and then “suddenly”, their voice however, gradually, begins to go. Since it has never happened to them before, they do not agree with it, as their whole being is protesting and still desires to be loud and flamboyant. So they force and force their voices out and the more they force, the worse it gets.

Now, finally, they were forced to stop, and that’s where their trauma begun.

So, psychologically speaking, it is much harder to deal with these people rather than with the amateur or professional singers. Not only speech troubled people, physically, have trouble to communicate, but emotionally, usually, they are also very distraught and quite disturbed.

Restoring the voice, in general, could be quite a long, intense and tedious procedure. Therefore, at my work, all of my degrees of education, my extensive experience in teaching and fixing voices, are utilized to the max.

First of all, I have to be a total communicator, as well as psychologist and sometimes even a psychiatrist, as without those skills, I cannot even begin the voice repair of any kind.

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  • Should you continue singing the same way you have always been singing?
  • Should you ignore the unusual symptoms like hoarseness and dryness of the voice, loss of range, change of tone, etc.?

These are your answers;

You are a singer and have been for a long time.

Your voice has never let you down for some time now, but, as musicians like to say, there is no gig lasts forever! Now you are not just getting mature, but you are also getting older and have had a lot of shows under your belt.

Suddenly, you started noticing that you cannot reach the same high notes which you never had a problem with in the past, your tone of the voice is not the same and at times, you are even experiencing pitch problems, which you never had a problem with in the past. After the show, your voice and nevertheless, yourself, feeling exhausted and your voice sounds raspy and hoarse.

Those are very unfamiliar symptoms to you and now you are puzzled, concerned and even in panic.

Your livelihood depends on your voice…

You have multiple shows booked ahead…

A couple of years ago, I got a call from Chicago from a local radio DJ, who also was a singer. He was panicking, as he just had two polyps removed fromhis vocal cords and for a while, he thought that he could continue speaking and singing the same way as he always was. So he did; and then, to his surprise he found four new polyps on his vocal cords.

Why, you may ask?

He had a very successful vocal surgery and was able to start speaking and singing again in the while, just like before, so he thought. True, but since he did not change the way he was speaking and singing, naturally, those polyps returned and even multiplied by double.  The fact is that polyps have a viral nature and tend to multiply at all given times, especially if the manner of speaking and singing has not been modified.  When I asked the above mentioned person whether he wanted to come to Toronto to get the proper vocal instruction and natural herbal treatment, he said, “Oh no. I have a very busy performing schedule”.

Go figure!

He was planning to continue singing and speaking on the radio with all of his polyps and could not bring himself to the realization that there is definitely a time to stop and do something about it, and maybe this time around, non-surgically, by simply learning how to speak and sing properly – without the pressure on his vocal cords and his vocal box in general.

There is no change without change!

Once you notice the change in your voice, you should immediately stop and assess the situation. Obviously, your voice does not respond the way it used to be, and not only when you are singing, but even when you are speaking.

Any growth on your vocal cords like nodules or polyps will prevent your voice from acting normally, as it is an obstruction for the voice to fly freely from your vocal box out to the listeners.

It cannot be treated lightly and has to be addressed immediately. There is no time to pretend that nothing happened and continue to act as if it didn’t. Remember, by the law of averages, your voice will not get better on its own.

You need professional help!

My suggestion would be to try the alternative methods first before you agree to any surgical procedure.

My dentist once said to me, “It is never too late to pull the tooth, but please see the specialist first to find out if we can save it.”

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In this blog, I would like to speak about the human voice in general and the speaking and singing voice in particular.

Many people, especially those who are not singers, have no Idea that something may happen to their voice. They get the odd cold or virus, lose their voice momentarily and for a short term, but then regain it fairly quickly and go back about their lives, as per normal.

Unfortunately, they do not even have a clue that, at the time of the cold or when the virus occurs, they have to be extra careful and extra gentle to their, somewhat bruised, voice. Being quite unaware of what the consequences might be, they continue as before; speak a lot, speak loud, scream and sing.

Then, finally, they get rid of the cold but, to their surprise, find out that their voice never got back to normal!

It still sounds raspy, low and actually, altogether hoarse, as it does not have its usual tone or resonation for that matter. That’s when, unfortunately, the ordeal with their voice begins. For singers, it is a double devastation, as not only their speaking voice is not sounding right, but, to their horror, they discover that they have lost most of the range of their singing voice and it does not sound anything like it sounded before. In more severe cases, people get one or even, God forbid, both vocal cords paralysed.

That voicedisorder is called vocal paresis.

On this note, it brings to memory a case of a Pastor who, prior to his strep throat occurrence, has been traveling all over the world, preaching and singing. When he got rid the actual strep throat, neither his speaking nor his singing voice ever came back to its original state.

He became a victim of a very nasty vocal disorder – vocal paresis; but luckily, there was only one vocal cord effected. You, my reader, could only imagine how devastating it must have been for a person whose livelihood depended solely on his voice!

Sad, but true.

He had to continue to work and fulfill his obligations and never gave his voice a rest during the strep throat occurrence. He loved his work, but he did not love his voice and continued to act as per normal, not realizing that he could get a permanent damage to his speaking and singing voice, in his case.

Love your voice!!!

If you are sick with whatever it is concerning your vocal box or respiratory system, give it a deserved rest. Don’t pretend that nothing has changed.

It has, so treat your voice and your vocal anatomy accordingly:

  • Drink lots of water and tea with honey and lemon
  • Speak less. If you have to speak, speak very quietly
  • Don’t sing under any circumstances, you will pay a much higher price later in the full understanding of that word
  • Take some natural herbs and homeopathic remedies
  • When free of the disease, take some appropriate voice/vocal lessons on how to restore both your speaking and singing voice

Usually, when the person gets stricken by a disease, hers/his immune system is weakened and the disease manifests more so in those organs which are weaker than others.

So if the person speaks a lot for a living or if it is a singer who puts an enormous pressure on his/hers throat, he/she could be assured that the first organ which the disease is going to strike will be their vocal anatomy. So those people have to be extra careful, use a proper technique for speaking and singing and baby their voices at all times, and especially at the time when the cold or virus has occurred.

Don’t neglect your voice, as once damaged, it could be quite difficult to restore it to its original condition, however, not necessarily impossible. So…

Love it…!

Feel it…!

Live it…!

Be it…!

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