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Yes, you may think that you do have asthma, especially if you are experiencing shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing food. Indeed, it is possible that you do have asthma, but it is also possible that you do have problems with your voice to be positioned in the lower throat, and thus, blocking your airway.

So asthma or not, it probably would be a good idea to work on your voice and re-channel it to the upper facial muscles which, in turn, will begin to work in full conjunction and coordination with your abdominal muscles, thus to have your voice lifted off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords.

So, in this instance, your air will have a clear path and your asthma symptoms may disappear in an instant. Also, your voice will sound much clearer and your pronunciation and annunciation will become very distinct. 

Needless to say, applying natural herbs and remedies onto your throat will clear out your vocal anatomy from all kinds of impurities, such as mucus, phlegm, gastric acid, etc. If you do happen to have asthma and some symptoms are still prevailing, it will be that much easier to get rid of them to apply special herbal remedies specifically aimed to strengthen the upper and lower respiratory system.

Along with that, the Vocal Science™ method advocates special breathing exercises using the lower abdomen muscles to assure the height of the lifted sound; and the upper diaphragm muscles to assure the width and body of the sound.

The breath from your mouth (supported by the abdominal muscles) will serve as a shield between the sound produced on top of that breath and such physical body parts like the chest or the throat. 

The air flying underneath of the sound will propel the sound forward, creating the needed fuel for the sound to fly to its aimed destination.

All of that will assure your voice soaring with no limitations; where, indeed, the sky is the limit.

To conclude: Utilizing the proper vocal technique will provide you (by far) with more than one benefit. 

TheVocal Science ™ Method advocates the holistic approach to voice mechanics and a person as a whole.


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  • Do you know how to be true to your vocal problems and to yourself for that matter?
  • Do you also know that any drugs, injections or even some natural remedies often, thus delay proper voice treatment and recovery?

If you feel any changes in your voice whatsoever, please don’t ignore it! See a natural health/voice specialist as soon as possible! Don’t convince yourself that everything is fine and almost as good as before. You are experiencing some changes and (let me tell you) there is definitely no change without change.

Something had happened!

Maybe you had a virus, strep throat or just a simple flue? After recovering from any of the above, suddenly, you have discovered that your voice, per say, had not recovered.

You are still speaking raspy and your voice still sounds hoarse. You, meanwhile, continuously trying to justify your voice condition by saying, “Oh. I’m just having a cold, or I just had a cold and my voice is still recovering”.

So, some time passes and your voice is still scratchy and your throat is still sore. You are experiencing difficulties with communication and trying more so to write then to speak..  (Thank God we all have computers and “smartphones” now)

Eventually, your family doctor is referring you to the ENT specialist…? And then, you suddenly find out that one of your vocal cords is… paralyzed..?

“WOW! How could that be???” you ask yourself and your doctors.

Unfortunately, it happens more and more often then ever before.

“What should I do now?”

Now you have to embrace the fact of the matter and act accordingly.

The majority of medical professionals offer all kinds of surgeries and also offer implants, injections & what have you.

The alternative solution is such that you will have to learn a whole new application of the voice and learn to speak (or sing for that matter, which is much harder and could be completely impossible) from the different set of muscles (your facial cavities) and coordinate those facial muscles with your abdominal muscles, so that your voice would be supported for its lift off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords.

Special speech exercises (in my practice, used with special body movements) will allow the voice to be channeled and projected to its aimed destination.

All of the above will be happening upon the method of visualization; and thus, upon design.

Your paralyzed vocal cord may begin to move a little, but that is still not the main objective.

The focus is to make you speak utilizing different sets of muscles other then the vocal cords per say; and make you sound as close to your original voice as possible.

The sooner you come to terms with the fact that you do have a voice issue, the better chances you will have to get a full (or close to a full) recovery of your voice, but, unfortunately, not necessarily your vocal paralysis… which is (in the above case) luckily just a “labeling” diagnosis.

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