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More and more, I am getting the phone calls and e-mails about the voice problems from speakers and singers.

Almost all of them are prescribed the medication to conquer their acid reflux (not in every case it is even present), but the doctors do it just in case…?

And almost all of the doctors prescribed a vocal rest.

Vocal rest – how useful could it be?

In fact, in the majority of cases, it is, as after all, if you break your leg, you should not be hopping on it and running marathons.

However, the patient with the broken leg at least is offered a cast, or corrective surgery and then the cast.

The ENT doctors evidently think that if the person would stop singing, or even speaking, the problems will correct themselves.

And granted, sometimes, since the pressure from the vocal box is removed, due to the extensive, so called “vocal rest”, the symptoms seem to be not as pronounced, at least at the beginning of the vocal journey after the vocal rest.

But there is no doubts that all of those symptoms will come back and very soon and in a full bloom.

So, after the same problem persists, what are you going to do? To take another vocal rest for 2-3 months before the next show?

On this note, I don’t think you will prosper your career fast enough, definitely not before you turn 70.

However, by that time, somebody probably will organize a vocal idol for senior citizens (lol).

You never know…!

On a serious note, the vocal rest was only an illusion that all the problems are conquered now.

In a real sense, no alterations of anything have been done.

The application of the voice never has been changed.

Nothing has been treated, neither non-surgically, nor surgically or otherwise.

It’s only as a matter of time before there will be a deja vu.

All of the false hopes will fail and the person involved will unfortunately have to “face the music”, so to speak.

I am a person of action.

If something is wrong or broken, let’s fix it.

Have a check with reality.

If it’s broken, it’s not going to get fixed by itself, as there is no real change without change.

Please address the cause and attend to it, rather than allowing the doctors to feed you with wishful thinking that the problems will correct themselves and will go away at the snap of the fingers or – for that matter – the vocal rest…

Go figure!


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Since I’m, looks like it, the one and only vocal specialist who is offering non-surgical voice repair, I’m getting a lot of inquiries via e-mail and sometimes phone calls, stress SOMETIMES.

People are writing to me general e-mails, complaining about the occurrence of their nasty symptoms associated with vocal damage, and they want me, via e-mail…? to offer them a cure.

When I offer them to speak on the phone and even offer to call them myself to save them money for the long distance phone call, only, to be generous, 50% of those who inquired and pleaded for help, would agree to speak to me.

It seems like people have no concept of phone conversations any longer.

They’re using their phones for texting and e-mailing.

The voice repair issue is in a manner of speaking, a medical issue, at least in the majority of cases.

I’m wondering, would it occur those people’s minds to e-mail to the actual doctor and not only to ask him, virtually, to help them, but also would ask the doctor to reveal the previous patient’s files (which should be confidential) to satisfy the curiosity of the new patient and, so to speak, to provide some confidence for those who would inquire…?

Somehow, I doubt it.

However, after not just one, but numerous inquiries from the same individual, they would never pick up the phone.

I need to hear the person’s voice to determine if it is my case and if I can attend to it.

I need to hear the emotion on the other end, the willingness and lovingness to have their vocal problem solved, and of course, willingness to travel to my office/studio and thus, conquer their problem.

They don’t go for it most of the time.

Some of them, however, do pick up the phone and even make some tentative commitment to come and work on their vocal problem.

However, all the problems are different and all of them have the different degree of difficulty.

All my courses and treatments are structured in 10 hour increments, but some people require 20-30 hours of instruction and treatment.

In the recent past, I had an e-mail from a person who said that she thoroughly investigated my site, read all of my articles and blogs and came to the decision that I am the one who she would trust to work on her voice.

She even had the date set for her arrival to Toronto and was all ready to embark on non-surgical voice repair treatment.

She told me that she’s an older person who has been doing public speaking for years and now, she’s coughing and clearing her throat at all times and also has bleeding vocal cords, which infringes greatly on her public speaking livelihood.

When I’ve seen that e-mail, I replied with first of all, the suggestion to call me and to discuss all of it over the phone. And secondly, I “speculated” that she definitely, minimum, would need 20 if not all 30 hours with me. I, however, “did not dare” to talk about 30 hours at all, and only offered her 20.

She became very angry and pointed out that somewhere on my website, she saw that I’m offering 10 hours for under $4000.00 and that was good enough for her.

There was absolutely no listening or reasoning I could attribute towards that person.

I even gave her an example that the Dr. B Diet Clinic here in Toronto guarantees 20 pounds of weight loss over one month period of time, provided that you’re following the protocol.

Let’s say I need to lose 50 pounds.

Would I hold it against the doctor that I would have to pay for the next 30 pounds to be lost and attend the clinic for the next 3-5 months to achieve my goal? Would I stupidly expect to lose all 50 pounds in one month?

If it was in Russia, they would simply call 911 and would commit me to the mental institution and I truly would agree with them that it would be the right course of action to do so (lol).

Moreover, on the end, this very person said that she found an opera singer (note that she is not even a singer), who supposedly will cure her pretty severe vocal problem…!!!

On this note, I can only say, Good Luck!

She, meanwhile, is quite happy, as she saved some money…?

Whether or not she will get anything out of it, remains to be seen. Somehow, I greatly doubt it.

She did, however, acknowledge that that opera singer did not sound as good and promising as me, but she was happy to save the money. Go figure!

Well, maybe they’re right and I’m wrong, and maybe they won the case, as they did not leave their couch and did not travel to me for our mutual work on their vocal problem, or maybe next time they would choose a gynaecologist to work on their brain problem and would be happy about it (lol). Who knows?

But the question, though, remains to be open… WHERE DOES IT LEAVE THEM?

Perhaps on the couch, perhaps feeling right, in their own mind and in some cases, even happy because they saved the money for the travel and for the instruction and treatment.

But guess what?


So, the case is adjourned and might finally get dismissed, because by the time they will come to their senses (if they ever will), it might be already beyond non-surgical repair, where then, even I would not be able to help.

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