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I remember watching one of my favourite movies-“Basic Instinct”, with Michael Douglas and Sharron Stone in main roles.

There was one of the episodes where Michael Douglas’s character was making love to his girlfriend, which in real sense, resulted in the actual rape, as he was already attracted to Sharron Stone’s character and felt angry, because he intuitively felt that  the outcome of it  could be deadly for him in the end.

I have a similar feeling when I am listening to a singer reciting a great song with great emotion, while actually “raping/murdering” their vocal anatomy.

The audience, who does not know any better, are saying “Oh my god, He/she is such a great singer!” while having not the slightest idea of what that singer is experiencing and what it does to his/hers vocal chords and vocal box in general.

That’s, in my opinion, qualifying as a “vocal rape”, nevertheless.

As a consequence, the singer will get a nasty growth on one or both vocal chords, or will acquire dysphonia or even the spasmodic dysphonia, God forbid.

It will happen because everybody is oblivious to the singer’s wellbeing including the singers themselves.

The industry discovers them young and healthy and evidently quite talented.

Then the wear and tear of their vocal anatomy begins, as everybody is ignorant and uneducated to what’s happening to the human’s vocal box and it’s components while there is an enormous pressure of sound being applied.

They are pushing the artist to the absolute max, imposing on them hours of rehearsals, recordings and performances.

They are pushing alright, and the artist in turn pushing to reciprocate the demand.

The result-the “vocal rape” is committed, the damage is done and… EVERYBODY LOST: the Artist, the Management, the Record Company…

The Beatles once said, “Make Love, Not War”.

I say, “Learn how to sing first, acquire the right vocal technique to prevent the vocal damage, and yes, Be Strong, but Gentle and not Strong, but Forceful-definition between Love Making and ‘God forbid’ Rape.


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