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In the realm of holistic teaching, the thyroid is the organ which represents suppressed emotions and hurts. I believe this, as I experienced it first hand. Many years ago I was working a lot of hours (teaching/consulting/producing) and also was involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. One day I woke up and I had no voice to speak with let alone sing with. I did not know what happened to me and I presumed that I had caught some virus or bug and that was the only reason why my voice disappeared inside of my body. I tried anything and everything to get rid of what I thought was a minor viral infection and absolutely nothing helped. Then finally I found a natural practitioner and iridologist, who by examining my iris inside of my eye, made a determination and said, “Diana, your voice loss has nothing to do with your throat.” I was quite puzzled, as I still could not produce a simple sound. Moreover, one of the ENT’s was suggesting an operation on my absolutely healthy vocal chords. As I found out later, he would operate on anybody with any problem, no questions asked. He also was trying to persuade me that I might not have been singing or speaking correctly. (Go figure!) Luckily, I knew better and would never agree with such nonsense as this. I was for years advocating a safe voice practice and developed my own method – Vocal ScienceTM,  which is designed to save and protect the voice for life while applying the voice in a certain way and employing the certain set of muscles. My natural practitioner after hearing my story in a whisper, said, “What happened to you? Are you in a healthy, loving relationship?” With these words I started crying and in a summarized way, recited her my “love” story. After listening to me with great attention, she explained, “I know exactly why you lost your voice.” I questioned, “Why?” She said, “Your thyroid has locked – it is overstressed and your voice has no way out and it is kind of stuck inside you.” Moreover, she said, “Your immune system is exhausted and that is why you are experiencing strong allergy and almost asthmatic symptoms. And because of that, your body tissue is full of mucous and, thus, your voice feels raspy and slippery.” On top of everything else, I started to react on my cat and my dog as well and, thus, I was forced to give them up for adoption, which traumatized my daughter and I a great deal. To make a long story shorter, I was advised to a set of natural herbs and remedies to clean out my tissues, boost my immune system and unlock my thyroid. Combining the courses that I took in holistic medicine with my revolutionary Vocal Science technique, saved not only my voice and my career in the music industry, it also appointed me to use my knowledge in the voice arena, as well as employing a holistic approach to the person as a whole. The Vocal Science Non-Surgical Voice Repair method was born.


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