Sometimes, you may experience an abnormal change in your voice.

This is generally caused by the irritation of the vocal box and its anatomy. As such, the voice may have changes in the volume, pitch and even loss of pitch, loss of voice, and sometimes can cause a sharp pain associated with the voice misuse. Other voice problems can be caused by a change of singing technique. Also, by doing so, it could cause hoarseness, but not many people are aware about it. Excessively loud, prolonged or insufficient use of voice can also lead to voice difficulties, causing an inability to speak properly. As a result, you will be asked, quite often, to repeat yourself. The vocal folds are a very delicate organ and people have been misusing them in different ways. Nowadays, various types of vocal abuse can occur on a daily basis. It could happen while simply visiting a local club, or attending an event that requires the use of your voice quite often, especially in events that cause you to speak in noisy situations.

Voice change, sometimes, can also be a symptom of vocal cord problems, especially if you have been experiencing a hoarse or raspy voice and/or a sore throat. Many clients who complain about one of these problems can consult with their doctor to determine the underlying cause. However, they are told that they don’t have any physical problems. There are no conventional methods or pills to prevent vocal abuse. In order to take care of your voice, you must know how to use it wisely and accurately. Especially, when you are a voice professional like a teacher, singer, public speaker, actor, broadcast personality, etc.

Therefore, we can introduce you to a non-conventional solution

Non-surgical voice therapy would be a great help with regards to restoring your speaking or singing voice. This approach is extremely crucial, as the main thing that it does is relieve the vocal box from the pressure of the sound and then, by applying natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, heals both the throat and vocal box. This therapy includes some progressive speech and singing exercises which are taught for specific vocal needs like singing, public speaking and more. These exercises are designed with utmost precision, coupled with special body movements and is catered to each individual client needs.

Now, how to fix your vocal cord problems, when they have already occurred? First of all, stop pushing your voice and do not leave this problem to get even worse. The treatment of hoarseness depends on its cause. Consult with a voice therapist/voice specialist to treat your vocal box with the right alternative and holistic approach. The Vocal Science™ revolutionary voice/vocal technique, combined with carefully selected herbal remedies, will exponentially help you to resolve your vocal problems in a much faster way and without the need for vocal surgery. Embrace this approach to opt for the best possible speaking/singing voice and it will assure that you will own it and retain it for a lifetime.

Over the years, I have possessed a lot of singers (or wannabe singers), and also speakers who originally came to me for non-surgical voice repair to restore their speaking and singing voices. Now, after certain amount of hours spent with me restoring their voices and re-learning how to really speak and/or sing, they naturally became very excited and began to practice on their own, in spite of my warnings to them to keep it in moderation.

I do understand that they are very excited to reach the new higher grounds with their speaking and singing voices, but they do not understand that the bad habits, which got them in trouble in the first place, are still there and have been there much longer then the newly – found good habits.

There is a saying: “Bad habits die hard”.


So what happens is; once my clients start practicing on their own sooner than they were advised, the bad habits kick in and knock down the newly-instilled good habits. So the process begins all over again.

We have made three huge steps forward, but unfortunately, one or even two steps back, which obviously had slowed down the process. Everybody knows that if the alcoholic, while in recovery, will try just a drop of alcohol, in no time, he will come back to drinking and even heavier than before.

Also, the person (like myself) trying to lose weight and adopt the new lifestyle, would go to a party and eat some sweets, convincing herself that it will be only for that party time, will come back to eating the wrong foods, which made her overweight in the first place, and which will bring her weight to the same point when she had started, and possibly even higher.

The latest example is our Canadian figure skater, Kaetlyn Osmond who, unfortunately, was sidelined for 6 weeks due to a broken leg. Prior to that, in September of 2014, she broke her ankle. She went back to the competition and ended up with a broken leg. Just a few days ago after a surgery, she came back to the Canada Skate Competition and ended up landing each and every jump down on ice.

It was very painful to watch how this young beautiful girl was desperately trying to prove to herself and everybody else that she is OK and healed now and able to meet very high physical demands required by today’s rules and regulations set by the Figure Skating Federation.

In my opinion, understanding how eager she was to come back to what she does best, she came back too soon not once, but twice, got more injuries and, no doubts, felt humiliated and extremely upset.

Her ankle, and respectively, her leg, simply could not bear the weight of her body. At least not yet. In my opinion, she should have stayed off of the ice a little longer to make sure that her leg was completely healed and the strength of the leg and the physical body overall had been fully restored.

The injured, (vocally or otherwise), people should understand that they can not run ”marathons” right after the next day leaving the rehab. Any injury requires proper healing and restoration of the strength of the effected body part and recovery of the entire body as a whole.

So the conclusion of it is: If the unfortunate president happened, please have patience to fully heal it and also, correct the bad habits which brought you to the injury in the first place. Learn the new healthy habits and store it in memory in such a way that you would not be able to act otherwise.

That will assure and insure your health and longevity… in whatever you do.

In our roster, we have more and more people coming for voice repair and voice restoration, but also, actually, to “find” their voice.

We have clients who come to us and who have tried everything else, especially through the means of the Internet.

Some of those people are very computer savvy and are able to really deeply surf and navigate voice-related sites. They are trying to save money and not to travel anywhere for their voice problems and needs. And eventually, accomplishing nothing to what they were looking for, they have also managed to incur a vocal damage while at it.

One of the commercials for men’s weight loss that is running very often on our Canadian media, where the guy who promotes his system on how to efficiently lose wait for men, has a slogan, “if you could do it yourself, you would have don’t it already!”

Isn’t that that truth!

So, eventually, those “smart” individuals end up in my studio where now I have to find the lost voice, discover it and uncover it, restore it and channel it through the right facial and body muscles and cavities.

What do I mean by channeling the voice through different muscles and cavities?

I mean that the voice has to be supported, structured, placed and projected to its aimed destination, utilizing certain facial and body cavities.

Via special speech and singing exercises, coupled with certain body movements, I am able to access designated muscles and cavities and channel the damaged, low positioned voice in such a way that that sound becomes, at least, quadruple times amplified.

The range increases exponentially, and mainly, the pitch in this equation becomes correct, as the alignment between the subconscious and conscious mind has been achieved.

In some more severe voice repair cases, this approach is extremely crucial, as the main agenda is to relieve the vocal box from the pressure of the sound and then, by applying natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, heal the throat flora and vocal box as a whole.

So save yourself time and aggravation (nevertheless, your voice) and don’t attempted to do something on your own, which requires many years of experience and expertise.  

There have been more and more requests I have been getting about how to obtain herbal and homeopathic remedies, which (preferably, in an instant) will “fix the voice”. Majority of the voice problem sufferers were told by their ENT specialists that they have acid reflux or some form of muscle tension dysphonia.

In some cases, they were right. But in some cases, they were completely incorrect. But even if they were correct, they still had nothing to offer to their distraught and disillusioned patients.

The patients, of course, were prescribed some medications like Gaviscon or Zentax, (not to mention medications for relaxation..?), but after a while of taking the prescribed medications, their vocal (and now, even emotional and psychological problem) still remained the same or had become even worse.

After a year or two of this ordeal, they have gotten quite disappointed and discouraged by the incompetence of their medical professionals. However, even after all of this, the voice sufferers were still unable to understand that, in majority of cases, their voice/vocal problem had been, more so, a mechanical issue; therefore, no pills, (including the “magic” ones), would not be able to help in that ordeal.

However, if the mechanical part of the voice function is taking care of, the specific kind of natural herbs and homeopathic remedies will play a very essential role in voice restoration and recovery.

In a nutshell, if the voice is lifted off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords, the bottom of the vocal anatomy is now released from the pressure of the sound and is then free to receive proper remedies which will clear out the bottom of the vocal box (lower throat) from all of the impurities such as acid, mucus and whatnot. So the “instrument” via herbs and homeopathic remedies, is now cleaned up and “tuned-up”, so to speak.

Now it is up to the “player” to remember not to misuse and abuse the vocal anatomy, but maintain the proper voice/vocal technique, which is much more efficient and safe, when the sound is approached from the facial muscles’ cavities, which now have begun to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles, amplifying the sound 4 times over and minimizing (and practically eliminating), the use of the throat, larynx and vocal cords.

If the same herbs and homeopathic remedies are taken without this type of instruction, (which suggests the latter voice application), those remedies could, at best, reduce some symptoms, but never will cure the problem. The reduction of symptoms could fool a lot of people, as now they are happy because their pain is, somewhat, eased-off and they are under the impression that all of their voice/vocal problems are behind them.

Therefore, we never recommend starting taking herbs in advance of our non-surgical voice repair courses. It is also, in a very unlikely occurrence, those natural remedies could set up a minor flu-like reaction.

Therefore, we prefer that our non-surgical voice repair clients would start taking those herbs in our presence, so we could supervise and educate our clients about those remedies; the dosages of taking them and also the time and compatibility of certain remedies intake.

We even include the actual herbal kit in our tuition fees, as we are treating these “gifts from God” herbal products as a very valuable supplement to our very invaluable unique vocal instruction.

It sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, in some cases, it is completely true. At first, when the person gets diagnosed with any kind of voice problems, they become devastated, then frustrated; after that, depressed and then, believe it or not, they get used to it and, in some cases, they truly embrace it.

They have no other choice, you may exclaim!

Yes, partially you are right, my reader.  They have to embrace it and get into balance to be able to deal with their voice issues accordingly and promptly. However, a lot of people, after conducting a short search, give up on getting better and soon give up on even claiming their life back.  Moreover, they discover support groups where they get “support”, but not how to fix their voice problem, but how to learn to live with it; and yes, “love” it.

So now, they are caught in a catch 22 situation, so to speak.

They have found, so called support, from group members.

They also seem to have found emotional support from their family members and friends. Everybody is feeling sorry for them and expressing their sympathy. And before they know it, they, very quickly, get use to it. Then, sometime down the road, they discover the real help, which could actually suggest and lead them, in majority of cases, to the full recovery of their normal, or even better voice then they originally owned.

And then, believe it or not, instead of getting excited, they are getting scared. . ?

Of what, you may ask?

The answer is; they are afraid of taking action towards becoming better and conquering their voice issues.

And why?

Because once they are back to normal, they might lose the attention of those who originally were expressing their sympathy and feeling sorry for them. They got use to it and they do not want to lose it.

Having a voice disorder, they feel, somewhat “special” and expect special treatment by the people surrounding them.

I am just going to give you one example from my 40+ years of practice dealing with all sorts of people with and without vocal disorders, issues or problems.


About a couple of years ago, a young girl of 26 years of age, walked into my studio/clinic with a horrible voice disorder known as muscle tension dysphonia. She hardly could speak and told me in despair that she used to be a medical assistant for ophthalmologists. When she lost her voice due to her very erratic behavior, (smoking, drinking, drugs and loud late night parties), she was let go from her position, as she could no longer communicate with the clients.

At that point, she was collecting employment insurance.

Nevertheless, I offered a huge discount for my non-surgical voice repair program, consisting of psychological counseling, diet and nutrition counseling, my unique voice instruction coupled with certain body movements which help to lift the voice off of the injured area (the neck muscles and the vocal box); and lastly, natural herbal and homeopathic treatments to heal the throat flora by also removing all of the impurities (like acid and mucus) from the bottom of the throat.

After I explained to her all of this, which took about 2 hours, she left with no charge from my side and with tears in her eyes and promise that she will be back as soon as possible to take me up on my generous offer.

Sometime after, she called a couple of times, arranged appointments and payment schedules, and never showed up once. Eventually, after about a year and a half from our initial meeting, she called again and now said that she is definitely coming to pay me and pick up a set of herbs so she could start her instruction and treatment with me almost right away.

She showed up a couple of times; each time late for at least an hour or longer.

She did half of the instruction, as she always had to go somewhere; and also she was, according to her, feeling tired. Out of 10 hours she arranged with me, she took only a maximum of 6 hours in total, which she had stretched for over a year period of time and canceled her appointments with me, at least 10 times in the process.

Then she disappeared for another year and, as usual, being apologetic and blaming herself, she almost “swore on the bible” that this time around, she would finish her remaining hours, as she wanted to go back to work. (All this time, she was collecting government assistance and gotten used to staying up late and getting up at 3:00PM).

Nevertheless, by now, she was loving it all the way.

However,  (not being stupid, by far), she intellectually knew that it was all wrong and she should get better and get back to her normal life. She also kept confirming that I was her one and only vehicle to bring her to victory.

By now, it is shooting close to 3 years from the beginning of this ordeal. She contacted me at the beginning of this year again and promised to restart the program with me no later then, now, past April/May.

Ever since then, I have not heard from her for about 8 or 9 months.

Go figure!

She is in her late 20s by now and, as far as I am concerned, her young life is ruined. She fell in love with her present lifestyle on a physical and psychological level and constantly fighting with her intellectual understanding of the matter.

However, it does not prosper her forward and frankly, I don’t think that it ever will.

How sad is that?

To conclude: Please don’t get used to your voice disabilities.

Please don’t fall in love with it and with the newfound “lifestyle”.  The longer you are in it, the harder it will be to snap out of it.

And if you don’t, it will be a complete waste of your, once precious, life.

I have numerous examples of that happening which I will reiterate to you in my future upcoming blogs.

My Husband and I attended yesterday (October the 4th) Legends in Concert and really enjoyed it and loved it. It was very well staged; in general, the performers were very look-alike to the original artists and also sounded quite close to the original acts.

The absolute best, in my professional and personal opinion, was Tina Turner’s look-alike and actually, in my professional opinion, she was sounding better then the original Tina Turner. As a Master Vocal Coach andVoice Repair Specialist with over 40 years of experience; teaching, consulting and repairing voices, I should say, that even I, could not improve anything in that act, singing or otherwise.

Way to go Cookie Watkins!

As for the person that I could have truly professionally helped, especially with the high range and a better pitch, would be the Roy Orbison impersonator,Brian McCullough. In my professional opinion, his voice was quite low positioned while singing, and that suggests right away, that the struggle with the high range and the pitch throughout the performance will most definitely occur.

The voice was projected from the chest cavities instead of the facial muscles, which are supposed to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles. The drop of the lower jaw, (very much so), had contributed to the drop of quite a few notes on the vocal cords and on the chest, thus somewhat compromising the pitch as well.

The performer was truly “saved by the bell”, via backup singers who were picking up dropped notes and nicely blending with the singer.

Way to go guys!

Mr. McCullough, however, possessed a very good look-alike demeanor and definitely had a good voice, as the actual “instrument”, so to speak. So if the application of that beautiful voice would be improved, the audience, especially those who are aware of what is actually going on with the singer on stage, would be even more enlightened by the totally perfect performance.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show, especially for everyone’s heart and soul.

So my husband and I would highly recommend to anybody (especially for those who had lost, or will lose, money in the casino.. LOL), to rejuvenate their spirit and then, on a happy note, perhaps, win not only in the casino, but in life in general.

  •  Set your Destination!
  •  “Drive” to it.
  • Arrive and save your route in memory for future reference!
What do you mean by “Vocal GPS”, you, my reader, may ask?
What I mean is that, first and foremost, you have to establish a frame of reference of how to make your voice work upon design and inner-command. Recently, I received a singing client who happened to be very talented and even possesses absolute pitch, (perfect pitch).
Being a musician since an early age, playing a few different instruments, it was an absolute pleasure to start a Private Master Vocal Coaching Sessionwith him.

However and evidently, his singing and, for that mater, speaking voice, does require a lot of work.
Being in his late 30’s, he adapted a lot of bad habits on his own and with “help” of his previous teachers. I told him that if I had compared his singing to a puzzle, then his puzzle would consist of a head of a cat, body of a snake and the tale of a dog (of course, figuratively speaking). It was very difficult to make heads or tales of his singing (no pun intended).
In other words, what he heard in his head and with his ears was completely incongruent with the sound he was producing.  Even in spite of having perfect pitch, he hit quite a few flat and sharp notes and his timing was definitely quite speedy. In other words, the whole voice thing was out of balance, so to speak.

So starting the first session, I had to show him how to set his “vocal GPS”, i.e., how to program it and how to properly map it using my wall-based diagrams, which portray the exact message about the physical sound and its movement and direction based on the law of physics and geometry.  Once the student understands it intellectually, the physical application of the sound is next. Now that the “vocal GPS” is on, I begin to play the role of a “driving instructor” and navigate my student, not only via “GPS”, but also verbally explaining to him, “along the road”, how not to “fall out of the road” and achieve an aimed delivery of his sound.

Finally, after a number of hours spent, we collectively and separately arrive to the destination preset by the “Vocal GPS”.

You would think that our journey is over which actually, granted, physically, it is.
But, little that you know that, if the “destination” is not set in memory, the “driver” will not be able to embark on the same road again without reprogramming the destination back to the GPS.
Sometimes, since the “driver” is new, he might have difficulties to recall the route back on his own, and again might need professional help to get back on the “driving seat”.

I hope you, my reader, is getting my drift and fully understanding my figurative and allegoric manner of speaking.

In other words, It takes approximately 30 hours of instruction to “seal the deal”.
That also, and furthermore, applies to the non-surgical voice repair cases when the 30 hours of instruction and natural herbal and homeopathic treatment is a must.
Let’s break it down…


  • The first 10 hours, it allows us to set the vocal GPS.
  • The Next 10 hours will take the “actual driving” to the set destination.
  • And finally, the last 10 hours, (which is now 30 hours in total), will take to confirm the destination and lock it in the human psyche, brain and every conceivable muscle of the body and the vocal box appropriate muscles, in particular.
So to conclude, the 30 hours is the protocol for success – singing, speaking or non-surgically repairing the voice.

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